Past Present Future

Past Present Future is a series of three works where each piece represented a time period. The mission was to bring the personal feelings within thy self outwardly, to show vulnerability, and to tell my own story rather than the stories of others; thereby exhibiting no restrictions.  

From the Artist: This series pushed me to expose parts of myself that no one gets to see, my writings. Each piece is incorporated with my own personal hand-written thoughts. I decided to open up this part of myself with the goal of establishing a personal connection between myself and the audience by being more open and exposed.
To read each of the writings, click the images below. Enjoy!
Past: Within This Cage
"Within This Cage" Mixed Media, 2017, Original [SOLD]
Present: I Am Stillness
"I Am Stillness" Mixed Media, 2017, Original [SOLD]
Future: Off To See The Wizard
"Off To See The Wizard" Mixed Media, 2017, Original [SOLD]