I Am Stillness

Mixed media on wood panel
Sitting out beneath the moon I gaze up at the worlds above.
I sit in darkness. I sit in peace. I sit as the world rotates around me.
The chirps, the buzz, the sounds of life;
In this stillness everything feels right.
The presence of now flows through my body and all I feel is love.
I sit in the moment without no fear. I sit as the picture becomes so clear.
The breaths I take; the visions I see.
I am this stillness and this stillness is me.
My soul reaches out to the Being beyond.
Why am I here? I know I don’t belong.
I sit and reflect. I sit and I wait;
For the answers to the questions I can never seem to shake.
My purpose is vague and I try and I try;
To unlock the mysteries as to “Who am I?”
I am the quiet before the storm.
I am the moment before a baby is born.
I am the darkness as the light dims down.
I am the nothingness of space all around.
I am the clarity once you open your eye.
I am the consciousness to the ego’s demise.
I am the relief once you’ve reached fulfillment.
Shon Pittman, 2015