Healing HeARTs Supply Drive

Motivation for Healing HeARTs

In elementary school, the most exciting moments for many children include going to art, chorus and/or music class. It allows a much needed break from the robotic learning of other classes such as math and social studies. Unfortunately, art and music classes are more times than not the first courses to be removed when budget cuts occur across school systems in the country. Back in 2015, “Atlanta Public Schools eliminated approximately 25 music teaching positions, most of them at the elementary level,” states AJC writer Molly Bloom. The biggest advantage of art (and music) is that it can express things that may not be easily expressed verbally; not everyone has a voice or a loud enough voice. Research shows that having a creative outlet can positively impact a child’s mental health and develop learning skills such as language development, decision making, cultural awareness and more. This is why SoulfulVoyage is seeking to implement Healing HeARTs Supply Drive, an art supply drive that will give kids, specifically those in poverty who may not have the resources, an outlet to creatively express themselves in an environment other than school. Healing HeARTs Supply Drive will give those children a voice that can and will be heard.



The main objectives are as followed: (1) to provide the tools necessary for each child to have the ability to openly express themselves through a creative outlet, (2) to promote the importance of art therapy and art programs in the school systems, (3) to help raise self-expression and self-esteem, form coping mechanisms, and build up a sense of self, (4) to unite and involve the community in making a difference in a child’s life.



SoulfulVoyage would like to partner with DrawChange, founded by Jennie Lobato. DrawChange is a local Atlanta non-profit organization dedicated to aid in global change by empowering children with artistic skills as a way to break the cycle of poverty. By supplying materials and art-therapy based instruction DrawChange inspires children worldwide to create real and lasting change for the children, their families, and their communities.

We would also like to partner with Peter Street Station, founded by Miya Bailey. Peter Street Station is a local art community center located in the Castleberry Hill area. Miya aims to implement an after school art program that will include youth art classes. Peter Street Station will also serve as a local library, coffee shop, and art gallery. 


Starting TODAY, January 24th, I am raising funds for both of these amazing causes.The funds collected will be split 50/50 between both organizations.

More details about the collection of supplies will be coming soon! 

My end goal is to shoot for the stars and collect $1000 by the end of it all; but of course any amount will be greatly appreciated and you can always donate more than once.

To donate please click the Healing HeART below, which will redirect you to the GoFundMe page; and Thank You in advance!


 Also check out the shop for Healing HeARTs merchandise. All proceeds will go to the funding of the Healing HeARTs Art Supply Drive.


Peace and Blessings,

Shon Pittman