Mixed Media, 32 x 42
Black girl black girl what do you see
I see a confident woman standing before me
A woman confident in her own skin; confident in her self
Every wrinkle, every scar, every perfect imperfection
In her natural state of being
Just the way she was meant to be
Black girl black girl what do you feel
I feel a power deep within me
The power to birth a nation and the power to start war
The power to make a man drop to his knees;
and the power to lift him up to his best self
But with great power comes great responsibility
Black girl black girl what do you hear
I hear a voice that is loud and clear
Telling me to be patient; to cherish each day
A voice that is not my own but of great divinity;
a voice of certainty
A voice that I must listen to
Black girl black girl what do you know
I know that I am a gift from God because I am of God
The beginning and the end
I know my worth; I know myself
I know that no matter what I will always be alright
And I know because I am a little black girl;
and my name is Adea.
Shon Pittman, 2018
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