In Search of Our Mothers' Gardens: Show Recap

And so our mothers and grandmothers have, more often than not anonymously, handed on the creative spark, the seed of the flower they themselves never hoped to see.
- Alice Walker, "In Search of Our Mothers' Gardens"



On December 15th, 2017 I had the pleasure of showcasing two pieces of work in the exhibit In Search of Our Mothers' Gardens at TILA Studios (IG: @tila_studios) in East Point, GA ; which made me very happy because as a proud ATLien it felt good to showcase my work in the area where I grew up. So a little about TILA Studios for those who may not know.


TILA Studios, founded by the wonderful Tiffany Latrice, is a beautiful shared gallery space serving female visual artist in the Metro Atlanta area.  Together, Tiffany and her team of talented ladies, work, collaborate and exhibit artwork to create a more inclusive art industry where women's voices are heard and recognized. - About Us,


So I was super excited to be able to show work at Tiffany's spot. In Search of Our Mothers' Gardens was the last show to end 2017 off strong. I had previously been to a few events that took place at TILA's and the energy has always been high and positive. Tiffany continually has a big smile on her face when I see her and to be in a space filled with feminine energy is quite refreshing

I met some new ladies, such as the talented printmaker Jasmine Nicole (IG: @negress.supreme) and saw some familiar faces, such as the talented and inspiring artist Shanequa Gay (IG: @shanequagay).

I brought my little sister and little cousin with me to the show *I was on babysitting duty*. If anybody knows me then they know that Shon loves the kids. I'm nothing but a big kid at heart. I love exposing the girls to "my world" by bringing them around creative minds and culture. I love to show them what success looks like especially in the black community. I love being able to have discussions with them about their opinions and what they took away from the event. I just love being that positive role model in their lives as they continue to age and become young ladies.

I had the opportunity to exhibit one of the people's favorite, The Fortifying Woman; as well as create and show a new piece, Ambrosia. The artwork from the other artists were phenomenal. Each piece held a feminine yet strong presence about it. One of my favorites was Jasmine Nicole's collage piece, Tender Headed, created from wood, barrettes and bows. The barrettes and bows gave me a nostalgic feeling as I went back in time to when I was a young girl. This piece made me remember my mom putting as many barrettes and bows in my hair as she could since I had some thick and untamable hair. Those things were the worst to try and sleep in and don't turn your head too fast or you'll smack the mess out of yourself! When you had thick, course hair like mine there was no such thing as being tender headed though. You either had to sit still or get popped!

So I ran out of things to say so to sum up the night and this blog it was filled with good vibes, many smiles and an abundance of laughter. I definitely look forward to showing more work at TILA's and congratulations to Tiffany for an amazing year! I look forward to seeing you continue to spread your light and to continue to create a safe haven for women artists of color.

Peace and blessings,





The Fortifying Woman, mixed media, 24x36, FOR SALE


Ambrosia, mixed media, 18x24, FOR SALE

*click the image to see progress shots as well as the meaning behind the writing of Ambrosia*