I Am Beautiful: A Short Story


You do not need to change yourself to feel pretty. - Joi Finch


She stands and stares at the image of the person she will never be. Glaring at her brown eyes, brown hair and brown skin, she wishes she was more. She desired to be what she thought was beautiful. She hated the image of herself and did whatever she could to change it.

As Raneya closed her eyes, she imagined herself as the person she desired to be. With her blond hair, blue eyes and fair skin, she finally felt beautiful; but it came at a price. Nobody recognized her anymore. Her parents no longer knew who she was.

"I gave birth to a beautiful brown baby girl who was smart and powerful; and that is not you!" her mom exclaimed.

"You were who you were meant to be and that's what made you special," Raneya's mom said to her. 

None of Raneya's friends talked to her in school because they didn't think it was her. 

"It's me, Raneya," Raneya said to her friends.

"No you're not! Raneya was my best friend. She was very special to me. She was smart and a great person. You are not her!" her best friend, Kamille, said angrily.

By now Raneya was doubting her new self.

When the real Raneya opened her eyes she realized she had been crying. She stood there for a moment and thought about what everyone had said to her. As she looked in the mirror at herself, with a stern voice she declared " I AM BEAUTIFUL!". Even though Raneya didn't have blonde hair, blue eyes and fair skin, she knew deep down inside how beautiful she really was and she didn't want to change that for the world.

You are beautiful no matter what you think about yourself. You do not need to change yourself to feel pretty. You are special just the way you are because that is exactly how you are meant to be. Embrace yourself, accept yourself and always remember to love yourself because you, I, we are beautiful!

Be joyful,


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  • Very wise and so true! Hopefully everyone feels this way because we all are pretty inside and out


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