Dreams Do Come True: A Short Story


We were all born to die so live your life like you dreamt it to be. - Joi Finch


Angelica Velajuego always dreamt of becoming someone who could save the life of others through her words. However, everyone around her told her that she couldn't do it. She had heard the words, "that's unrealistic", a million times. Angelica heard those discouraging words so much that she eventually started to believe them. If no one else believed she could do it then maybe they were right. What was the point in believing in a dream that would never come true? 

One night as Angelica was sound asleep she had a dream. In her dream she was floating so high that she sat on the moon. As she was sitting staring at the stars she began to think about what everyone had told her. Abruptly a great mighty voice silenced her thoughts. The voice spoke to her and said, "You are not perfect and that's what makes you special. Don't let anyone tell you what you can and cannot do. It may not be a walk in the park, but life is not meant to be easy; so make the best of it."

Suddenly Angelica woke up. With those powerful words always in the back of her mind Angelica went on to chase her dreams and became a motivational speaker. She helped the lives of many by speaking the same words that were spoken to her on that one night. 

Life may not be fair or a fairy tale and we were all born to die. So before that happens live your life like you dreamt it to be because dreams do in fact come true.

If you dream it and believe it, you will achieve it. 

Be joyful,




  • Joi! You are amazing! Your message is so powerful and inspiring! Thank you for reminding me.

    Jammie Smith
  • Very inspirational. Great job!

  • Joi, The story was very inspirational and thought provoking. I really enjoyed it. Please continue to share and never stop dreaming and striving to reach your goals.

  • I love it and I’m very proud of you!!! This is a very inspirational message to people of all ages. Keep up the great work Joi ❤❤❤

    Felicia Finch
  • This is amazing! I love it! This is so true.This is happening to so many children and adults.Words that come out our mouth has power.Keep spreading the message.Great job Joi!

    Rachel CARTER

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