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Getting ready for 2018!!! #TheNewWave

Do ya'll remember in my last blog post how I said I'm excited to start a new chapter of my journey with ya'll? If you don't remember or haven't even read it then go do that NOW! I'm happy to say my new chapter has begun with a NEW STUDIO at the Goat Farm!



This year as been filled with a lot of doubt, insecurity, anxiety and fear; something that I've been struggling with for as long as I can remember. Well I'm also happy to say that as of late I have been the happiest and most confident that I've ever been. I decided to continue to take control of my life, trust myself more and just JUMP

Let go and Let God, remember?

The Goat Farm was one of my hang out spots where I would go to get some peace and get some work done in the Warhorse Coffee Shop. I loved the atmosphere, the animals and the aura of positivity and creativity that engulfed that place. I knew this was a place I could see myself in. So I signed up on the  studio email list and when I got that magical email about a space opening I hopped on it IMMEDIATELY and moved in December 1st!

If you ever get stop by the Warhorse Coffee Shop get the Ginger Turmeric tea; that's my personal favorite.


Meet Rocky the Donkey! He loves long walks around the Goat Farm and to eat only the most exquisite grass the Goat Farm has to offer. He also loves to chat and give nose kisses.


I must say I absolutely LOVE it! This past weekend the Goat Farm hosted Open Studios, meaning the public can come visit your studio, chat, purchase work and more. I unofficially became a part of the open studios since I just so happened to be there working anyway and simply just left my door open. I met so many amazing people and other artists, even a few that I follow on Instagram. The response I received from everyone was just positive positive positive.

I'm always down for visitors so just reach out if you're interested in visiting one day. The number 1 rule is: Good vibes only!

I know that having this space will allow me to grow and expand my creative process and push me to stay focus and have tunnel vision. I know having this space will push me to meet new people and continue to improve my social interactions with others. I know with having this space I will never be short of inspiration being that I'm surrounded by some awesome artists. I know that I'm headed in the right direction. 


So no days off because these paintings have to pay this rent.


That's all I got for now but I would love to hear about a time ya'll took a chance and just jumped into your greatness.

I want to start a blog page/posts dedicated to you guys' SoulfulVoyage. You can either state your name or remain anonymous but please participate for me. Just comment below :)

Peace and blessings,


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