Healing HeARTs Supply Drive

“Those who are happiest are those who do the most for others.” Booker T. Washington, Up From Slavery


Hi Family, Friends, and those I may not know!

So TODAY IS MY BIRTHDAY;*confetti's falls* however I don't want this day to be about me. I can honestly say God woke me up this morning and placed this message strongly in my heart.*and it's only right that I listen to it* If you know me then you know I also have a passion for kids. I love to see children thrive, grow and be happy. They spread their smiles and heart with an ease and without prejudice; but even kids have a difficult time with what life has to offer them and need a healthy way to express themselves as well. 

This is why SoulfulVoyage is seeking to implement Healing HeARTs Supply Drive, an art supply drive that will give kids an outlet to creatively express themselves in an environment other than school. Healing HeARTs Supply Drive will give those children a voice that can and will be heard. 



 For information on Healing HeARTs click the image above

Starting TODAY I am raising funds for two amazing organizations DrawChange and Peter Street Station. DrawChange, founded by Jennie Lobato, is a non-profit organization focused on providing art education to homeless kids in the metro Atlanta area. Peter Street Station, founded by Miya Bailey, is a art community center located in Castleberry Hill. Both organizations are focused on empowering kids in the Atlanta area with the skills to create a future for themselves through the arts. The funds collected will be split 50/50 between both organizations.

More details about the collection of supplies will be coming soon! 

My end goal is to shoot for the stars and collect $1000 by the end of it all; but of course any amount will be greatly appreciated and you can always donate more than once :). 

So help a sista out so I can go out and help the babies! 

To donate please click the Healing HeART below, which will redirect you to the GoFundMe page; and Thank You in advance!



Also check out the shop for Healing HeARTs merchandise. All proceeds will go to the funding of the Healing HeARTs Art Supply Drive.


Peace and Blessings,

Shon Pittman

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