Shon Pittman presents: Bustani Ya Muses

"Bustani Ya Muses"  (Garden of Muses in Swahili) is an exploration of the hyper sexualization of the African American woman. 




I am happy to announce my second ever solo show, Bustani Ya Muses! The exhibit will take place May 5th at TILA Studios from 7-10 pm. 

Inspired by the women portrayed throughout the Italian Renaissance era, the exhibit aims to display the beauty and power that African American women (and girls) have embedded within themselves. 

Throughout history women, but specifically African American women, have be hyper-sexualized by men and women of all races. The most famous account of hyper-sexualization is Sarah Baartman

Sarah Baartman, a South African woman born in 1789, was deceived to leave her homeland and travel to Europe with the promise of a better life. When she arrived the true intention was revealed. Sarah Baartman was put on display in a "freak show" due to her "extreme bodily proportions", mainly her large buttocks. 

This is not the only account of black women being exploited for their features; it still continues into modern day society. 

The entire series depicts women nude, showcasing their confidence and giving them the power to depict themselves in the light in which they want to be seen; not how anybody else views them. 

So please come out to TILA Studios and check out my solo show!!!

To check out more of my work and process, follow me on IG: @soulfulvoyage


Peace and blessings,



WHEN: Saturday, May 5th

TIME: 7 pm- 10 pm

WHERE: TILA Studios (2835 Church St, Atlanta, GA 30344)





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